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Sow bugs on the sidewalk

Wether you believe in the sun or not does not change it's warmth. Karma is like the sun and what goes around comes around, believe it or not. Today as Winnie and I walked along in the crisp morning air, I saw nothing but things coming to life in the warm spring sunshine. The blooming of trees, bushes, flowers and shrubs, the birds and bugs all flitting about doing their thing.

Navigating my way along the street, I payed close attention to where my footsteps fell, altering my stride or moving slightly left or right to avoid stepping on even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant caterpillar or beetle bug like I'm in a Ray Bradbury short story trying not to cause the "butterfly effect".

As I watched Winnie walking, I noticed she paid no mind at all to the bugs in front of her, didn't watch at all where she stepped and yet she never stepped on a single fellow being crawling the surface of this Earth. Dogs are not governed by karma, they needn't worry about securing a better future by the good acts they carry out in the present. Their goodness is without question, their place in heaven is always secure.

I was raised by two loving and compassionate people who instilled in me some of the best values and by far the most impactful one is to be grateful. Appreciate what you have and be happy right now. Today is Winnie's Birthday and though she doesn't understand the concept, she feels my display of love and affection for I am thankful she was born.

I am telling her "Happy Birthday", and calling her "the Birthday girl" as I put on her new collar and ID tag. Winnie doesn't see her collar as a Birthday gift or think today she is special. And to be fair, there isn't anything more special about today, Winnie is special everyday, and tomorrow when I give her attention I won't say "Happy Birthday" but I will say something and behind the words will be the same amount of love and celebration.

I believe that Karma is not so much about your actions and the consequences, but rather your intentions. Be conscious of your actions and never loose sight of what are your intentions. The care I take to step around the sow bug on the sidewalk comes from the same place as the love I show for my dog, gratitude.

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