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Jet Lag vs. Dog Trial

Updated: May 30, 2019

There is really no place like home and for me, the unseasoned rookie of world travel, a 21 day European journey thru 4 countries using every means of transportation except camel seemed like a huge endeavor and it certainly was. I had no idea what to expect and didn't even know what I didn't know. Managing motion sensitivity while floating on a luxury river ship was doable and the first country we visited, Amsterdam where English was spoken by nearly everyone we encountered, was a hoot due to their mellow attitude towards the use of the whacky weed and prostitution, many other experiences fraught with challenges on the trip were not so easily overcome for us. To begin with there was the gentleman who on day two of the cruise dropped dead from a massive heart attack right before our eyes. And on the journey's final leg in Prague, Czech Republic where upon removal of the transdermal SCOPA patch for motion sickness, I became violently ill due to the side effects and withdrawals which brought the complications of orchastrating medical intervention in a foreign country. Oh, and in Budapest, Hungary Mike got hit by a car! But in focusing on these few negatives, there are those who would say I am ruining all the positives so I won't go on (trust me, I could, the three I listed were just the most dramatic). In fact, the trip had plenty of great experiences, the sights the foods, the people. Relaxing (which I am not accustomed to), and oh, so much connection to history and my story, the story of my mother and my relatives.

But what I am writing about today is of course, my Puggle, the one and only Winnie. After enduring 27 hours of non-stop traveling and 6 hours of sleep when I got home, I woke up with one goal: Winnie. After the 20min reunification at the front door where I fell to the floor to receive the proper Puggle greeting, I was packing the car and our assorted paraphernalia for a weekend dog trial.


Even Winnie seemed to say, "Wait, we are going to go sniffing? You mean to tell me you've been gone for three weeks and we are not even going to discuss it?" But that lasted only a nano-second, Winnie was onboard and we were off to Forestville for the remaining two days of Sonoma County Agility Club's three day AKC Scent Work Trial.

Winnie did great earning a couple Element Specialty Titles in Advanced Level, and competed in all four Elements at Excellent Level to earn three more Qs and three individual placement ribbons to boot.

I got to reconnect with friends in the fellowship of sharing in common our love for dogs and dog people, and nose work. Congratulations to our first and foremost trainer, Mary Swinyer of Modar Dog Training, Penngrove who titled not one but both of her two beautiful Malamutes, Turbo and Comet, who each also received individual element placement ribbons over the span of three days. And also, thank you Mary, for all your continuing support and friendship.

Congratulations to Sonoma County Agility Club including all those who had a hand in putting on another successful trial, oh, and the volunteers. And thank you to all for being the best cure for Jet Lag.

But most of all, I give thanks for Winnie, the best Puggle and most important reason for staying home from here on. The best friend a person could ever come home to and I am never ashamed to say she is my love, my life, my world.

snuggly puggle
Too tired to pose with ribbons

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