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Hypno-Puggle: Weekend Sleepover

"Though she be but little she be fierce." Shakespeare

hypnotizing puggle eyes

Gaze deep into her eyes, Winnie will cast her spell. No mere mortal can resist the hypnotizing stare. But there's nothing sinister going on here, you will not be in any danger nor will you slip into a trance that leads you to perform ridiculous stunts such as clucking like a chicken every time you hear a car blow it's horn.

In the 1967 Disney version of Jungle Book, Kaa the powerful Python uses hypnotism to subdue his prey. Kaa is portrayed as an antagonist when in the original story by Rudyard Kipling, he is actually a trusted advisor and friend. In the Disney remake in 2016, Kaa is changed to a female character in an attempt to level the gender imbalance of predominantly male characters. Of course this brought some to opine why is the female character one of the bad guys? In my opinion, Bagheera would have been a better choice to have been changed to female, a strong, protective and logical character with good intuition and sensibility. Bad guys and good guys can be portrayed as males and females, interchangeably and it doesn't change the story. In the final scene of the 1967 Disney version, Mogli is lured away from the jungle as if entranced by a girl who leads him into the village where he belongs, away from danger . The snake the girl, hypnotism and trances. It's all part of a good formula for story telling.

Winnie's motive for bewitching her victims with her soft, warm eyes and naturally pouty mouth are simple. Her spell binding and unflinching stare has one purpose, to control your mind. Once she has your attention you must go to the kitchen and retrieve for her a Scooby snack.

Thank you to Sam and Ricky for helping make Winnie's weekend sleepover fun enchanting.

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