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Fresno Dog Training Club

Updated: May 1, 2019

This weekend was the FDTC AKC Excellent Trial in scent work. It was Winnie’s first time in all Elements at an Excellent Level Trial and was fun and challenging for Winnie as well as all the rest of the competitors who came to enjoy sniffing and playing with their dogs.

There were 18 dog/handler teams running 1-3 elements at the trial and nine teams competing in all four elements. No one qualified in all four, the Buried search took no prisoners. Only one dog qualified in 3 outta 4. Five dogs including Winnie got 2 of 4, and five dogs got one element only. Seven dog/handler teams went home empty handed 😳

Winnie was one of 4 dogs qualifying in Interiors and came away with the Blue ribbon for having cleared one room finding one source of odor and found two other sources in a second room in the fastest time! She also qualified in Exteriors coming in 6th outta 10 total that qualified. I was so proud of Winnie, she nailed the elevated hides like a pro even though the odor was hidden above three feet off the ground and Winnie is only 12" tall. There were only four dogs qualify in Containers, Winnie wasn’t among them but what a tough trial it was. Even the Dogs with Elite Titles in the bag had a challenging day. 😉

Thank you to Doggone Dirty Dog Sports for providing a wonderful facility and to Fresno Dog Training Club for hosting a very memorable event.

Fresno Dog Training Club AKC Scent Work Trial, Puggle wins the Blue Ribbon in Excellent Interior

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