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Triangles and Arches

"In the event the cabin of the aircraft looses pressure....." Anyone who has flown with a commercial airline has heard these words. It is required by FAA to run thru a safety spiel and makes folks uncomfortable at being reminded what most are trying to forget, how deadly an aircraft emergency can be. Or for the frequent flyer, annoyed to have to hear again all the reminders and warnings. In pondering the words after hearing them again on our return trip from Europe, I thought

Critter highway

"I've seen every Highway...., and they all look alike to me."--Loretta Lynn In March, Winnie and I participated in an ACK trial at Dream Big Dog Training Center in Lodi, Ca. that spanned the weekend. Dream Big is a great facility for Scent Work and the owners and clubs who host the events do an amazing job making competitors, both canine and human, feel relaxed and comfortable. On Saturday the first Trial of the weekend was hosted by NorCal Golden Retriever Club, Inc. and Sun

Bobbing for Apples

This past Spring the American Kennel Club announced there will be some changes to their Scent Work Elements, namely Buried hides. Responding to input from judges and competitors, the organization became aware of issues with buried hides experienced by many. At the Novice and Advanced level, Buried Element is 8 or 10 containers of soil with one or two sources of odor placed in a vessel and buried 4 to 6 inches in dirt with a screened type covering resting on the soil. Winnie a


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