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Containers are the bedrock....

Nosework and containers. Love them or hate them, container searches are the bedrock upon which is built everything pertaining to this...

"Every experience, ....."

"Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it." Buddha Advertised to be...

Don't Blink

Tawny brought comfort to me during the reign of terror when the evil I denied existed during the day persecuted me at night.

Til the End of Time

The first time I saw this big old, leggy Lab-mix walking with his person coming towards me, I was walking my two favorite Dachshunds, Em...

Peaks and Valleys of NoseWork

Last weekend Winnie and I did our first trial since "lockdown" and it was a heavily deliberated upon commitment to attend this trial in...

Suspended in Time

I was mistaken on which beam I had placed odor by two beams and was waiting for her to get closer but even that is no excuse.....

In Dog We Trust

We have evolved our searching in a positive direction after I vowed to leave odor behind rather than false alert.

Nose Work! It's what we do.

As we find ourselves sequestered to our homes, cut off from work, friends, society, this social distancing can lead to boredom but those...

Containers, Colorado style

Mention Containers to a nose work group and you will hear a collective symphony of grumblings and sighs and groans from the participants.

Dog in Pink

Never in my life has my ignorance been more exposed then with nose work, nor have I been so unconditionally forgiven for it by my dog.

The Trial of Schrödinger's Dog

It was a classic paradox, a thought experiment like Schrödinger's Cat where not knowing the results means we were neither right nor wrong.

From I to We to I

Not sure why but for many, including me, the pain of loss of loved ones just hurts more at this time of year, and I find myself tearing up..

Essence of Team Work

For two days, I was immersed in NoseWork. I was allowed complete surrender to the addiction and I am so grateful for every minute.


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